Grievance Redressal


In this procedure unless the context otherwise requires:

  1. 'CSIR' means the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research and shall include its offices/Laboratories/Institutes located in New Delhi and in other parts in the territory of India.
  2. 'Employee' for this purpose means an employee of the CSIR.
  3. 'Grievance' means complaints affecting an individual employee, in respect of his :
    1. salary
    2. overtime
    3. leave
    4. transfer
    5. seniority
    6. training opportunities
    7. research facilities
    8. completion of probationary period/confirmation (except any decision of a duly constituted committee in accordance with the provisions of Bye- Laws/Rules regarding completion of probationary period/confirmation).
    9. promotions/recruitments (except the promotions/recruitments made on the recommendations of Departmental Promotion Committee/ Selection Committee, in accordance with the provision of the Bye- laws/Rules).
    10. Other working conditions.

Where the grievance is of general applicability or of collective nature, it shall fall outside the scope of this procedure