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Circular Economy : Overview

CSIR-NCL has emphasized R&D in the fields like energy, polymer, and the environment with a focus on waste management of plastics, batteries, and fuel cells/electrolyzers to advance Circular Economy. Keeping on the agenda, we are working on the structure-property relations in polymers and nano/micro-composite materials, microstructural determination, and thermoplastic/ thermoset processing technologies. It will help understand the economics and applications of the polymer and advanced materials in the industry and emerging technologies. CSIR-NCL has successfully manufactured useful molded plastic components from COVID-19 PPE waste. The undertaken pilot project has the potential to scale up and replicate throughout the country to convert PPE waste into functional and safe products. The pilot project can be implemented across India to build a sustainable circular “green” economy that can propel India’s growth in this relatively untapped sector and contribute toward India’s socio-environmental targets.