Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Relevant Resources:

 Acts, Amendments, Notifications  Dated   External Link to MCA   Local Copy 
 Companies Act, 2013  30/08/2013  Link  PdfCompanies Act 2013
 Section 135 of Companies Act 2013  30/8/2013  Link  PdfCompanies Act 2013_Section 135
 Section 135 Schedule VII  27/02/2014  Link  PdfCompanies Act 2013_Schedule VII
 Companies Act Notifications: CSR Rules, 2014  27/02/2014  Link  PdfCSR_Rules 2014
 Notification on Amendment  06/08/2014  Link  PdfAmendment_06.08.2014
 Clarifications of CSR categories under Schedule VII  18/06/2014  Link  PdfClarifications_18.06.2014
 Notification on Amendment  24/08/2020  Link  PdfAmendment_24.08.2020
 CSR Amendment Rules  22/01/2021  Link  PdfCSR Amendment Rules_22.01.2021
 FAQs on CSR  25/08/2021  Link  PdfFAQs on CSR_25.08.2021