Visiting NCL : Overview


The NCL is located in the city of Pune on the foothills of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra in the western India. Maharashtra is the most prosperous state in the country and is also home to Bombay (Mumbai), the business capital of India. Pune is 3 - 4 hours away (180 km) from Bombay by train/ Taxi/ Bus.

The most convenient way for overseas visitors to reach Pune is via a flight after a stop over at Bombay. Pune is well connected by buses and taxis from Bombay. Most visitors to NCL arrive in Pune from Mumbai after crossing over the picturesque Western Ghats to be received by a city very different from Mumbai. Pune is also well connected to all major cities in India by train.

Pune city is the cultural and educational capital of Maharashtra. Traditionally, Pune has been the bastion of Marathi culture and language. Pune is also a historical city with many stories to tell and monuments on display. Today, Pune is also a modern and cosmopolitan city with institutions and organizations of all kinds including industries, defense establishments, research laboratories, academic institutions and medical centers. The level of education, affluence and social freedom in Pune is relatively high.

Once in Pune, reaching NCL is quite easy. The NCL campus is located at north-west of Pune. It is a large one and very close to the University of Pune. The NCL campus is quite well known and any auto-rickshaw or taxi driver should be able to bring you to NCL quite easily.

The NCL campus covers a large territory beyond the University of Pune campus and is in the vicinity of hills and a lake. The main gate to the NCL office area is on Dr Homi Bhabha Road (Pashan Road) which leads to Pashan Lake and the famous National Defense Academy at Khadakvasla. The campus also includes housing and facilities for the staff. The flora and fauna around the NCL campus is rich and diverse.