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Featured R&D

Novel Hybrid technology for Water Disinfection

Selective Detection of nitroaromatic explosives

Thermostable Biosurfactants

Combating Malaria

Overcome Alzheimer’s disease

Insulin: No more injections

Dimethyl Ether synthesis

Early diagnosis of Prediabetes

Origin of Life on Earth

Disposal of Biomedical Waste

Efficient delivery of Pesticide

Development of new antimalarial drugs

Economical separation of Whey Protein

Anti-TB cocrystal 4-FDC drug

Sunlight to Fuel

Nanoparticles from Cellulose

Hydrogel as enhancer for Zinc Oxide

Diabetics : Maintain Albumin level

Carbon Nanotubes to Graphene Nanoribbons

carbon nanofiber as cathode for PEMFC

Peptides for treating cancer

New antimalarial compounds

Green process for the conversion of hemicellulose

New NMR technique for estimating free fatty acids

Rifampicin as a novel glycation inhibitor

Thin fuel cell electrodes

Nuclear protein localization

Dressing-up nanoparticles with antibiotics


Salt & Hydrophobicity

drug@gum@Au Nps


Carbon nanotubes in Fuel Cell efficiency

Clay for Catalyst Removal

Single electron transfer events

ICM-MS Technique

Producing Dialkyl Carbonates


Biofinishing of denims

Production of Biodiesel and Biolubricants

EGMAVB-ß-CD (Molecular modeling)

Synthesis of Barium Titanate

Conversion of Methane and Methanol into Gasoline

Synthesis of dicarbonic initiator

Diversity Oriented Synthesis

Protein ß-sheet-like structure of acrylamide oligo

Water is Better !

Bio-Synthesis of nano-Particles

Green Catalysis

Density Functional Theory

Microcarpalide synthesis

Porous Assembley

Single Electron Transport

Aspartic Proteases Inhibitors

Removing Noise from Data

Featured R&D