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IN 43164Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of coating compositions.Aggarwal, J.S., Sethi, S.C., 13-Feb-1952
IN 43149Transformation of castor oil gel into a viscous liquid.Aggarwal, J.S., Gupta, A.S., 27-Feb-1952
IN 42885Preparation of modified oils from vegetable oils for use in paints and varnishes.Aggarwal, J.S., Budhiraja, N.C., Sharma, P.G., 26-Sep-1951
IN 39442Improved method for the manufacture of sorbose from sorbitol.Damodaran, M., Subramanian, S.S., 01-Feb-1950
IN 44359Preparation of ion exchange resins and the uses thereof.Shah, H.A., Bafna, S.L., 10-Sep-1951
IN 43979Improvements in or relating to the production of wrinkle finishes.Kapur, S.L., Sarin, K.K., 10-Sep-1952
IN 43827Preparation of cation exchange resins.Shah, H.A., Bafna, S.L., 10-Sep-1952
IN 43544Preparation of modified glycerol phthalate alkyds.Kapur, S.L., Sarin, K.K., 03-Sep-1952
IN 45117Improved process of extracting oil from oil bearing material.Varma, J.P., 15-Apr-1953
IN 45116The preparation of new bactericidal and surface active quaternary ammonium compounds.Damodaran, M., AivRaman, C., 26-Oct-1953

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