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Outreach of Science to Society (OSS):

This website is dedicated to the contributions from the work of Scientists from this Laboratory to the common people. The development of research work done at CSIR-NCL are listed for creating an awareness and to promote scientific temper among the readers. This website will display those technologies which are relevant to society and ready for mass deployment. For further details on OSS, please Click here.

Science Outreach programme:

This programme is organised by CSIR-NCL scientists and faculty from IISER-Pune (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research) who wish to share the excitement of science with school children. Our goal is not to “teach” science but to “excite” children. We hope that these efforts will excite some children to take up careers in science and technology while others may grow up to cheer and support the progress of science (www.ExcitingScience.Org).

Outreach programme (Off-campus):

CSIR-NCL scientists (individually or in group) address students from Higher secondary schools, science colleges and engineering colleges to attract the talented students to research as career.

CSIR- NCL Library:

The library is well equipped with 1,27,450 books and bound volumes of periodicals, 250 current subscriptions to Journals, and Chemical Abstracts, since its inception (1907). Library membership is open to industrial clients, postgraduate students and faculty members of colleges, universities etc. on payment basis. Please click here to download the membership form. For further details on CSIR- NCL library, please click here.

Venture Center Library:

The Venture Center Library aims to support and enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in and around Pune and is open to entrepreneurs, technologists, patent professionals, venture investors and students for books, periodicals, reports and research services. For membership form and other details please click here.

Summer / short term projects:

Students of recognized Indian Universities / Institutes are allowed access to the research facilities of CSIR- NCL under the supervision of CSIR- NCL scientists through summer training / project in the field of chemistry / chemical engineering / life sciences / plant molecular biology and other areas of interest to CSIR- NCL scientists. For further details please click here.

Summer research fellowship programme:

The Science Education Panel of Indian Science Academies (Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, and The National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad) offers several two-month Summer Fellowships to enable students / teachers to work with the Fellows of the these Academies. Many NCL scientists are the Fellows of these academies and accept the students / teachers under this scheme. The selected students / teachers are provided train fare and an honorarium to meet the boarding and lodging expenses by The Science Education Panel. For further details please click here.

Education and training:

NCL offers specialized hands-on training programs on polymer characterization techniques, polymer rheology and polymer processing for further details please contact: Dr Suresh Bhat (sk.bhat@ncl.res.in).

Institutional visits:

CSIR- NCL allows PG students of physical, chemical and life sciences to visit its facilities and interact with CSIR- NCL scientists. For more details please click here.

Material characterisation facility:

CSIR- NCL's Center for Materials Characterisation is a well-equipped facility and offers its expertises to outside research institutions, universities and industries for characterisation of materials. For Materials characterisation, please contact Mr. Santosh Kadam.

Contact to analytical@ncl.res.in; sj.kadam@ncl.res.in

Open day:

On CSIR Foundation Day i.e., 26 September, CSIR-NCL announces well in advance the organisation of Open Day through local media and a large number of students and science enthusiasts visit CSIR-NCL and take first hands experience of various ongoing experiments and interact with scientists.

CSIR 800 :

CSIR-800 programme has resolved to reach out to the weaker sections i.e., 800 million Indians through CSIR’s technologies relevant to social/rural sector. In recent past CSIR-NCL has sent water purification units to provide pure water for the people affected by natural calamities such as earthquakes, tsunami and floods in Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Odisha etc.

As a part of CSIR Techvil (Gram Vigyan Kutir) project CSIR-NCL is deploying water purification units and Oxygen Enrichment Units in rural/tribal areas of Maharashtra. For further details please refer following Links CSIR 800 Link2.

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